Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning...*Pssh*

Spring cleaning...almost as fun as taxes. The two seem to go hand in hand, except taxes I could easily pass up. Cleaning, on the other hand is right in front of my face day in and day out.

Why am I blogging about this? Because I don't want to do it!!

I remember spring back home in Connecticut. A airy, clean, grass smell flowed through open windows as my mom vacuumed under all the furniture not moved in a year prior to the day. Dad gone at work. Ozzy, Offspring, AC/DC, or Aerosmith playing on our surround sound. The cat asleep on a warm window sill. Me sitting in my messy room. Yup....sure miss those days.

LOL I was do I remember all this.

Well It's my turn. I get to move the bed and clean the crumbs and dust that accumulated throughout the winter. I get to scrub the baseboards I've put off for so long. I get to try to reorganize all the random boxes. Oh joy oh joy.

One thing I'm doing different then my mom did when I was 5 is using natural cleaning products. I have a question though...


Seriously, even with coupons, sales, and a combination of the two I can't even break even to the same price as the leading chemical ridden cleaner.

So I did some research and of course, I find out I have half the stuff I need sitting in my kitchen. Vinegar. Lemon Juice. Baking Soda. Salt. Essential Oils.

Oh yeah. I washed my counter tops with plain old soap and water. Guess what?


Just as clean as using chemicals or natural cleaners.

I'd love to share this link with you guys:

(P.S. Aerosmith, Ozzy, ac/dc....yup I'm still playing them!)

Rebel T/L/C, Part Two

Ok, so I received the teeny tiny rice pack thingy and my dryer satchel. Or as I've named them the dryer poof and cold pack...the names are a whole different story.

Anyways... I go to the mailbox and sitting on top of the other 4 packages is a little gray envelope with a heart and smiley face (no peace sign? wth?)on them. I immediately rip the package open to reveal a bean bag like object and a little...poof. No other way to describe this but "tiny little poof thing".

Do they work? YES! The dryer poof lives in my dryer, only coming out to have the owner of fresh laundry smell it ;) All my clothes were gently sented and smelled extremely fresh. I'm truly loving the outcome, and I'm glad I don't have to replace it every week like those stupid bounce dryer bars.

The rice thingy...AKA cold pack, wished it lived it the freezer. The problem is with a family of 4 children, 3 of which are in adult bodies, were ALWAYS hitting ourselves on something. Rebel is just starting to get good at stairs and running....needless to say there's been bruising in that process. Cady, the inspiration behind them has yet to need it. And me and Billy, lets just say chemical burn and sunburn. On our faces. Both times. That's what you get when you ride a bike alot or are allergic to coconut and don't read labels like you should.

All in all would I pay $10 for these things (not that Kelli would jack up prices)? I'd probably pay $20. Do I reccomend them? Absolutely. If you have a child? Even more so. My only disclaimer is don't use the dryer poof with diapers, obviously a no-no since diapers are picky about scents and softeners and the like, and they might upset them. Oh, and don't use the cold pack if your on the Adkins diet or just plainly love rice like me ;) Lets just say I was in the kitchen vegging out with Jasmine rice with a big thingy on my face.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rebel: T/L/C' wayyyy long overdue RAVE

I hate tinfoil. It's worthless junk. Unless you have a huge wad of it (one requiring it's own room usually) it's not worth anything when you go to recycle it. I hated buying it since the good stuff is roughly $3-$5 a roll and lasts a whopping 3 days. For a while I just stopped buying it, but then I was stuck putting half eaten dinners in the fridge uncovered. Soon I was tossing so much dried out food I had to figure something out. And I did!

Rebel: TLC's. I met the owner Kelli kind of, oddly. I'm a nightowl, as is she, and saw a thread that said "Rebel: TLC's" bumped up in the middle of the night, my prime time for web surfing. Seeing as to my son's name is Rebel I had to take a look.

Made from 100% cotton and food-safe vinyl (back when I met her it was PUL), Kelli had taken a great idea, a hatred for tinfoil and waste, and a sewing machine and created a amazing top/lid/cover (T.L.C!). I LOVED the idea, but short on cash I just subscribed to the thread until I have some money and made a comment about my son's name being Rebel.

Immediately almost I got a comment back about her LOVING the name and asking why I chose it. I told her what I tell everyone else, because I rebelled against everything a teen mom would do, the name was amazing, and it fit my child. After mentioning my eco-friendly habits she immediately professed her love (LOL) and asked if she could gift me a set of TLC's!

So Christmas morning.....umm mail time a few days latter :) I received the most beautiful, amazingly created set of TLC's, with MY SON'S NAME ON THEM:


Tell me these aren't amazing!! I litterally use them EVERY SINGLE DAY! The tiny's are great for Rebel's sippy cups when I can't find the little doohickey the pops in the ring, and the mediums are our go-to cereal bowl covers.

So fast forward to our now amazing friendship and my insane love for Kelli's product. Like if TLC's weren't the greatest thing to go through a sewing machine, recently me and Kelli created another insanely awesome product.

My sister-in-law (whom may kill me for this) wanted a plastic light saber from Walmart. I obliged her being the awesome person I am. Well the stupid thing didn't my sister in law went to take a look and *BLAM* out pops the light saber. Now with a VERY sore eye to say the least she went in the kitchen to get a ice pack. Well we didn't own one. So she grabbed a tiny TLC and filled it with ice and held it to her eye.


I almost instantly had to tell Kelli, whom within a few days had a prototype up:


More on the ice packs latter though, once I get my testers!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Mom, Old Style

Why, oh why, wasn't I born sooner? I missed out on the best era of all times. The 60's and 70's had to have been the best time to live. From bell bottoms to Aerosmith, Kiss, and The Stones, I feel like I missed out in alot. My mother is one lucky chick.

Cloth diapering and breastfeeding were normal. Most people were tree hugging hippies. Today I am looked at like a freak because I have my son walking around in a big fluffy diaper. He was exclusively breastfed until he decided to stop. He co-slept with me as he wished. He wears little punk rock baby clothes while I wear band t's and listen to bands that existed decades prior to my birth. My son fell asleep to my weak sleep deprived voice singing "Sympathy for the devil" "Dream On" "I was made for loving you" "Hay You" and "Dream Weaver"

And I'm not the only one. There's a website out there bring some of us mom's with old (good) taste together. Finally, I'm not the only one putting Led Zeppelin on my Ipod and not Motzart. Kushies, not Pampers. Breast Milk over Enfamil.

Ok, so this post isn't all about my music addiction. It's also about my diaper addiction. Yet another 'old' think that's making a huge comeback. My husband says we need a 12-step program. Why? Because cloth diapering is so addicting. No one has yet to figure out why it's so addicting except squealing, "Because it's soooooo cuuuuteee!!!" If anyone can figure out our shared insanity, let me know. I'd love to hear your thought because quite plainly put, I don't know why.

Why do I lust over cotton velour and organic hemp? Dream of soft anti-pill fleece? Spend hours scouring forums for great deals? I have no clue. I have plenty other things to do with my time. I just choose to let my mind float in a endless web of fabrics, brands, and colors of things to cover my son's bottom with.

I guess part of the addiction is about the money saving. You save, easily, several thousand dollars per child you cloth diaper. There's also many who say it's for the environment which I completely understand. If they made Pampers back when my great great great grandparent's were babies, they would still be in a landfill decomposing. Some say it's just 'easier' or 'cuter'. Whatever the reason, once you never get out!

I always urge new mom, and even women who think they might want children, to consider cloth. It's not as costly as you think to start up. My whole stash, one that while not pretty can diaper my son for over 2 weeks if needed, was bought with $150. I started on $50 and slowly, $3 here $5 there, built it up to were it is.

Anyways, more latter, off to spend time with the family.