Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Eddie Bauer...

Dear Eddie Bauer,

You are so freaking awesome! Thank you for making such wonderful car seats (and handbags).

About a year ago my awesome aunt flew out to see me from Georgia and promised me your Deluxe 3-in-1 car seat for my son. Unfortunately since my only means of transportation was my sister in laws 3-seater truck, I hardly got to use it since I rear face. Rear facing that bulky of a seat is nearly impossible on that kind of limited space. We used a little, (dinky), Graco SnugRide.

Last week, my sister in law (Cady), bought a 1990 Honda Civic. Last week, we got the insurance, registration, and her licence renewal taken care of. Last week my husband's friend Steve properly in staled the car seat like the seasoned pro he is.

This morning I text messaged a friend of mine regarding how awesome this seat was. Randomly. See, we haven't used it much. She was in the market for a new seat for her daughter. I told her about it's plush awesomeness and durability. But I had yet to have experience with reliability in a accident.

Not even a couple hours latter, Cady passed Little Cesar's Pizza. We were going to get a Hot N Ready Pizza and go to the park with Rebel to picnic and play. She went to the next light, made a u-turn, began down the road and BLAM! So 70 year old crazy lady hits us.

Or as according to her, our car jumped in front of her out of no were as she California Rolled out of Taco Bell.

The car hit EXACTLY were Rebel was sitting on the back passenger side. Rebel didn't even flinch. Nor did he spill a drop of his apple juice.

Thank you. For cushy suede seats. Easy to cleaness. Durability. Dependability. Side Impact Protection. Built in head rest. Cup Holder. Easy to Installness.

Unfortunately, now we have to buy a new car seat. But at least I know which one to get ;-)


The Pincott Family

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