Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What are your top three nursing must-haves?

This topic has been on my mind to blog about since I started unpacking Rebel's bedroom. Most of my nursing must haves got mixed in with his stuff and, since we're no longer nursing, in his closet. I found my little canvas box that contained my most sacred (tehe) must haves that allowed me to nurse his whole first year at ease. What are they you wonder?

1) My Prolacta Bioscience hospital grade breast pump. This is the most amazing pump I've EVER used. And trust me I used quite a few. It's easy to use, strong, has a carrying handle, and the power in it is absolutely amazing! This is the pump they give to you when you donate breast milk, it's for you to keep and in my case, free to pass on to a mama in need (mine was donated to me).

2) Cloth breast pads. Yesssss. These are AMAZING. They hold better then disposables, are FAR MORE cost effective, are cute, and if your getting them handmade, perfectly sized. I have 34d's and I always seemed to get the disposable nursing pads made for women who were a cups or less.

3) This one is really hard, because I could have survived with the above two. But I couldn't have lived without my husband (he's the latch master) or Lasholin brand lanolin. But since some people dont have or cant get a latch master, I'll leave it at lanolin!

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