Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you like saving money too?

Over the past couple years I've had to learn how to stretch my money. Big time. I was out of the house by the time I was 15, pregnant at 16, and married at 17. Life comes at you fast ;)

I wanted to share today a few websites that make my life easier, the ones I turn to when there's $100 left to buy us all food, clothing, and entertainment for the week.

The first on is swagbucks. What is swagbucks? Swagbucks is google (basically), but every time you use it you earn points (or 'swagbucks'). After you save these up for a bit, you can redeem them for anything. Yes anything. Because if it's physically not in their 'swagstore', they also have pay pal (CASH!!) and amazon gift cars (and amazon UK, and amazon CA cards!). I usually save up and buy a amazon gift card, apply it to my account, and periodically when I need something but have no cash, I use my saved up amazon money to buy what I need.

Search & Win

Next is ChaCha. What is ChaCha? Have you seen a KGB commercial? No?! Ummm...Ok. ChaCha is a "Human search engine", a service were you can call or text a question (What was Abe Lincoln's birthday? Who gave us the statue of liberty? Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Whats the square root of pi?) and within a few minutes, you get a answer back (February 12, France, No, he's as faithful as can be, 1.7725)

But....Who is giving you these answers?

Regular Joe's, stay at home moms, just about anyone.

Are you going to get rich? No. Are you going to make $8 a hour? No. But it's a couple extra bucks when you need it. They have a new "Pay me now" option that allows you to save up your money month by month and cash out when you need it, plus special events to earn extra cash and cool prizes.

You can apply to be a guide at, scroll to the bottom and click "Become a Guide"

(Hint: Use google on your tests....they expect you to!)

Next is This is my LIFESAVER! I use this site the most when I am ordering domino's ;) they always have TONS of cool promo codes! I've never paid more then $10 to feed my entire family on pizza night. This is also great for printable coupons, and all online stores. They have something for everyone, even international!

I'm also in love with The ladies (and gents) on this site are amazing freebie finders! I've gotten so many tips and tricks to get free samples, coupons, and special offers from the manufacturers I use everyday. The best tip I ever got was EMAIL THE COMPANIES YOU USE! Eg. If your using Huggies, contact Kimberly~Clark and ask away for samples, coupons, offers, and to be on their mailing list. If you have a problem with any product EMAIL THE COMPANY! They will ALWAYS refund you or replace the product. And 9 times out of 10, they will throw in extras. I had a situation were I found red mike and ikes in my hot tamales. I thought it was accually a good combo and called Just Born. Turns out that 2 batches had got mixed up and now there was mike and ikes in everything. I received coupons, peeps, a 5lb bag of hot tamales, several small bags of fire hot tamales, mike and ikes, etc. 2 10lb packages! I also had a situation back when I was using disposable diapers were the tabs on my pampers kept riping right off. P&G send me coupons for 3 mega-boxes of pampers and a mega bag of wipes! The people on are truly amazing!

Amazon is another place I love. You can buy anything (even food) on and have it shipped to your door. I always buy 'used' and get awesome deals! The only sucky part is when buying used, you have to pay shipping (buying directly from amazon you do not if your order is over $25 typically). But, even with shipping I usually save a bundle. Books I buy for $4 (1 cent for books, $3.99 for shipping) typically, and movies are just a bit more if that (some are even cheaper). is another great one. It's were "good deals come to die". It's like a online "Ross", full of other store's stuff they couldn't sell, so they sell it to GYM, and GYM sells it you you for wholesale prices. Unfortunately shipping can be high at times, but they have been getting better with this.

I can't talk about enough!
Auctions for free stuff at

Listia is Ebay, but free. You 'bid' on items with credits. Well, Jen, how the heck do I get these credits? Easy Peasy. Click the banner above, fill out the usual info (name, email, user name, password, etc), and score 150 points to start. You can get more credits by being a active member, sharing Listia and auctions on facebook and twitter, referring friends, or 'selling' you unwanted things (clothes, shoe's, jewelry, housewares, electronics, etc etc). If you find something you REALLY want, you can always buy credits. Usually you have to pay shipping for your winnings, but about 1/3 of the time the items are shipped free to you.

There's more ways to save money using the net, so I'll update you guys asap with my findings!

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